Advice #181 When the list goes live, assign only one of your teammates to log in and get it. Usually, when it drops, thousands upon thousands are going to that exact page, and that page typically crashes. To help avoid this, cut down the amount of traffic by only having one team member go to the official page and retrieve it. When he/she has, have that person copy the list and then paste it into a google doc and share it with the group, or paste it on a typical word/pages document and email it to the group. Discuss who is going to venture into the items page, and how they’re going to share it with the team before hand. When that person does get the list, make sure he/she is ready even before the clock reaches zero. Your best bet to avoid crashes is to wait until the exact moment the clock reached it’s end, and then quickly refresh the page. If every team only has one person in the group visit the site, it could stop the crashes altogether